Mining Farms

Roughly 40 PH/s of mining power.

#1 Bitcoin Mining Facility

Pirot, Serbia

In January 2017 we started working on our first mining facility, located in Pirot,Serbia with the idea of sustainable (green) energy use and advanced ventilation systems. After running its first test ride on April 14th the facility proved our concept working and facility is fully operational ever since.

#2 Altcoins Mining Farm

Dimitrovgrad, Serbia

After running our first mining farm on full capactity (924 TH/s) for 5 months, and the demand was still going up, we needed more mining rigs. That is why on October 8th we launched our Second mining farm located in Dimitrovgrad, Serbia with additional 20 PH/s)

#3 Ethereum Mining Farm

Sofia, Bulgaria

Ever since we opened offices in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2017, we were looking for big enough space to start another mining farm in the city. After a few months and issues with EU laws, paperwork was done and we opened our first Ethereum-only mining farm on November 22nd.

#4 Altcoins Mining Farm

Prilep, Macedonia

We’re planning on opening another mining farm in Prilep, Macedonia after the ICO stage ends in December 2017. Construction works will start in February 2018 and we expect to have another facility constucted within two months, with additional 50 P



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